Founder Wendy Doris started out as a house flipper in Cincinnati, Ohio before moving her business to Phoenix to get a little more sun. Somewhere around year 6 of buying, fixing and selling homes she started posting to Instagram as a way to short form blog about her projects. Friends, family and perfect strangers began to take notice and started hiring her to attack their own renovations. Soon FlippinWendy Design was born as a renovation obsessed biz specializing in floor plan revisions and designing a touch outside the norm.

We don't do normal.

Wendy's focus is two fold. First, to make the most of a space being sure each corner is useful and not just something pretty to look at. She obsesses about thinking outside the box, putting the puzzle pieces together and finding a solution for even the trickiest of client's situations. Second, she puts the look together drawing from several design styles include minimalist, boho, industrial, farmhouse and mid-century modern. Most importantly though, she combines several design aesthetics to create a unique, eclectic space that's unlike anyone else's. Because normal is not badass.

FlippinWendy Design is not a design firm. We prefer renovation obsessed badasses. We eat, sleep and breathe renovation design. Seriously, not even sleep stops us. We're dreaming about design and solutions nightly. We love working with badass clients looking to create a comfortable, efficient and eclectic space of their own. 

Wendy renovates homes in Phoenix as well as designs for spaces across the U.S. She is available for remote design assistance or in some cases, will travel. We also offer our renovated Airbnb vacation condo The Comfy Cactus for your stay while visiting Phoenix.

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