1920's Dining Room Design

Our latest design took on a dining room in an older home. The client wanted a 1920's antique, yet comfortable feel. They actually use their dining room on a daily basis and have young boys.  So, we knew they. needed something that would wear well.  She currently has a red dining room with large white trim you find in a lot of older Cincinnati homes. She also has a table and chairs she hoped would work with the design in order to keep the spending down. Here's her design, with the design road map below it. 

Design Road Map

1. Dining Table: Keep the table and chairs. They will go well with the antique feel, as well as save some money.

2. Paint Color: Because of the dark table and chairs, I suggest a lighter antique white for the walls. 

3. Wainscoting: I also suggest some wainscoting on the walls. Paint the trim and wainscoting the same bright white with the wall above in the antique white. Semi-gloss paint on the wainscoting will be easy to wipe clean. 

4. Curtains: the windows have a light linen curtain which will be easy to wash when the kids put their hands all over them. :)

5. Chandelier: an older vintage look with crystals that are reminiscent of the 1920's style. It's also not very bulky so it won't take up a lot of visual space in the room. 

6. Rug: This is a little more modern with the chevron style just to give the room a little modern pep. This is one area that could be skipped until the kids are a little older. Maybe you go without a rug for now.

7. Buffet Table: Just a little spot to store some things like napkins and serving items.

8. Decor: The topiary and hydrangeas would sit on the buffet table. I didn't include anything for the dining table to keep it simple. Also, to keep from having to move it out of the way constantly at every meal.

The wainscoting will add lots of interest to the walls. There won't be a need for much more. I included a Georgia O'Keefe canvas and 1920's style sunburst mirror to help bounce the light around.

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