Flipping Kitchens: Cottage Style

One of my favorite things to do is renovate a kitchen. The biggest impact in the renovation of any house is in the kitchen. Not only because it becomes more functional and beautiful, but all before photos make any after photo look like you've done some serious work. Check out the before of this kitchen. 

Demo that kitchen and you've already won EVERYTHING. Nevertheless, we can't just demo and call it day. The design process began with measurements, configuring the layout on my MagicPlan app, and then putting together a design board to present to the homeowner, a house flipper like me. Here is what he received, with the exception of the photo in the corner. Obviously, that's the finished product that I added in the end to show how it came together. 

You can see the original plan was to go more modern than rustic, but tweaks happen which is sometimes for the better. I found a great guy in Waynesville, OH who made the kitchen island for half of what the design board option would have cost. This changed the center piece of kitchen from modern-industrial to a rustic-cottage style. Since it was a flip house and no specific client to impress upon, we were ok with this alteration given the amount of dollars we were saving. In fact, I think it was a better choice. Winning.

Rustic cottage kitchen island

As you can see almost everything was changed from floor to ceiling. The only thing that didn't change much was the floor plan. The cabinet configuration is clearly different than before in order to make the room feel more open. A detailed list of materials used in this kitchen is at the end of this post. 

Coming up with a detailed plan is not the only type of planning that is important. Use sites like Polyvore or Pinterest to put your visual plan together. Even magazine clippings can help you pull those thoughts together. My preference is to do it online though so you can add and remove things easily. You can also click through and purchase the item once you're ready. If you are a design client of mine, you would get a design board just like the one above showing you all of the items chosen and where to buy them. It's quite convenient to have it all in one place and interactive. And, like this client, you can receive a spreadsheet with the complete finish material list, the quantity needed of each item, and the total cost. Use that spreadsheet to either buy those exact items or use it as your budget. Find like items and save where you can!

Hiring me or any designer is not a tough process. At first we talk it out. Your issues, your dislikes, your wishes, your budget and timeline. This happens over the phone, text, email, chat, in person, whatever you want! Then comes a walk through, photos or both depending on where you live. Then I get right to work whipping together some looks and bouncing some ideas off of you until it sticks. Painless, right? If you're interested in design services, contact me and I'll answer any of your questions. You can also see the services offered by clicking the box below. 

Material List