A Real House Flip: Week 1 of Renovations

Don't let that finished product photo distract you...

A little while ago when I had a really productive day, I posted a before video of one of my flips from last year. I let it linger (marinate?) for a few weeks (months?). Some Christmas down time + Rhinegeist Penguin beer has inspired me to continue. I know you have been on pins and needles waiting for this next video. 

Before the video though, you should know, my video updates are broken up into weekly segments for my investors. They like to know what is happening with their money, especially when there are many of them and scattered throughout the country. You see, this house was crowdfunded. I don't normally do videos like this, because not all of my investors request it. But, iFunding did and so they got this. Enjoy.

See all of the videos for this renovation here.