Five Awesome Pendant Lights Under $100

I'm not sure if you think that we as flippers (rehabbers if you prefer a nicer more fluffy term), just throw things around and boom it's done. It doesn't work that way. At least not in my life. I hem and haw over which light to use, which kitchen layout to go with, what style of house numbers to use and many other details (hiring contractors, finding new houses, keeping a budget, etc) that all go together into making a previously crappy house into a home you crave to live in. I know y'all like before and after pics, you show me with your response on Instagram and Facebook. Too bad I can't just post before and after's all day long.

Until I can provide, I'll try to help you with your renovation whether it be a house flip or your personal home. It may have been somewhere around 6 months since my last renovation completion, but believe me, I haven't been sitting here twiddling my thumbs. I have 7 renovation and decorating projects underway right now. House renovations, designs for other rehabbers, interior decorating, bathroom renovations and a vintage camper renovation round out the projects I have going with others rolling in. These projects are all in the beginning stages, but that's when the magic happens. This is when I have the long days. This is when the decisions are made. This is when I decided that YES we are doing a rooftop deck on this house and that house we are painting Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy. It's big, it's exciting, it's nail biting. 

So, anyway, I'm in the midst of designing three whole house renovations which means a bunch of research. Looking for lighting, tile, cabinets, vanities. Choosing roofing, siding and paint colors. Deciding blacktop or concrete? Floating shelves or no shelves? Ok you get it. Right now I'm obsessed with pendant lights. In the past I chose most items from one store for ease and efficiency. It was both, but somewhat boring. I'm not a fan of visiting a renovated house and pointing out that the finishes in their entirety came from a certain big box store. Nothing against those stores, I purchase from them regularly. I just know everything in those stores and can tell when every last detail came from one location. I can also tell when I step foot inside a home that someone has put some thought into it. I can tell that there is some custom work, some detail and character. 

Geeze. Ramble much? My point is, I'm picking out light fixtures on a budget and these are the ones I like. My budget is under $100. No reason for that number except I think I can find awesome looking ones for that number. I try to fit my finishes into a reasonable price range. Not expensive, but not builder grade. Here are the five I have chosen to put in a design I'm working on right now. 

I'm having a major industrial, schoolhouse with some shininess moment as you can tell. Click through for more links to other items I'm using in my designs. Full fledged design boards will be published soon. Let me know if I missed pendant lights you've been drooling over by posting in the comments! Always looking to add to my list!