DAY 16 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Address Your Toilet

This one won’t be very fun, but your bathroom experience may be better because of it. That’s worth it.

Time to address your toilet.

I’m not necessarily suggesting you decorate around your toilet like have. I will admit this is the only room in my house that is complete. But even I have some more projects to do in here like get a new toilet seat that self closes without slamming down. That would be music to my ears. Here are some other ideas:

  1. Change out the handle for something sexy like this Delta Trinsic handle or this farmy looking one.

  2. Change out the guts for something less jenky..

  3. Scrub around the back of the toilet.

  4. Replace the bolt covers

  5. Get a new toilet brush. Look at this sexy beast that I found while looking for the link to the item below.

  6. Get a new plunger (or get one of these combos that I get for my Airbnbs. I might start getting this one, though.)

  7. Get a new toilet paper holder. I love my vintage telephone holder turned TP holder. You can search your second hand stores or grab one from Etsy or Ebay. My sister also sent me this fun animal ones.

  8. Add storage above and around your toilet with some shelves. These Home Depot shelves come in a couple sizes. Use them to put plants on obviously. Also baskets with extra TP are good.

  9. Add some art.

  10. Paint or wallpaper behind your toilet to add an accent wall to your bathroom.

  11. Change out your reading material.

  12. Change out your poo spray.

You spend a lot of time on the toilet in a given week. Might as well make that 90 minutes beautiful.

Below are some of the bathroom beautifying items listed above.

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