DAY 26 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Shower & Tub Revival

I hate the shower. I mean when it comes to keeping it clean and in good condition. Can’t it just take care of itself already!? I want nothing more than to rip our shower out and replace all of the tile and the glass block half wall that is the “door". But, alas, I have no monies for that. I imagine many of you are in the same boat. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t update our shower a little until that magical day comes.

Here are some little updates you can do to feel a little better about your shower/tub situation:

  • New shower curtain: Be VERY selective of the pattern and craziness you go with here. Remember that most of the times, depending on your habits, your shower curtain will be closed and creating a wall across your bathroom. That’s why I tend to go with plain white if you can even believe that. Target has a nice fringe-y one I am using in the Rattan Ranch that gives a little cute texture without a bold pattern. Here is another one that is even fringe-ier.

  • Shower curtain rod - - is yours annoying AF? Replace it already!

  • Reglaze your tub and/or tile: This is like magic. No demo or anything, just sparkling like new tiles in a matter of a day! I’ve done this in many, MANY homes and it held up well for years. I usually found someone to do it in those coupon magazines that came in the mail when I was in Cincinnati. They come and tape things off and just spray that mofo until it is gleaming white (or whatever color you want it to be.) This can be done on your tile throughout the bath, too. A tub normally ran me around $300 and the whole small bathroom around $1,000. Consider that ripping it all out, buying new a new tub, tile, shower faucet and having it all installed will cost you quite a bit more in cost and time without your bathroom. You can also DIY this by getting a kit at Home Depot and doing it yourself. Just be aware that you will have brush marks, so decide if you can deal with that.

  • Clear It Out: Throw out half bits of soap, bottles of product you’ll never finish, old razors, etc. Also, clean the damn thing.

  • Dress It Up: Get a new shower mat if you didn’t in the towel challenge. Add a teak bench in your walk in shower.

  • Clean Up The Grout: Clean the grout with a grout pen . Gotta be honest, I’ve never done this. Gotta be better than nothing I’m guessing.

  • Re-caulk the shower. This will make it feel so new!

Show me your “new” and improved shower with #updatedontrenovatechallenge!