DAY 22 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Pleasure

Did that title grab your attention?

I listened to a podcast episode about pleasure once. Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking non-sexual pleasure. They were talking about how “we can embody pleasure in our daily lives to transform our experience of wellbeing”. I of course translated this to simple pleasures in my home.

And allowing it.

That’s my problem.

I feel guilt about all things for some reason.

I took this pleasure recommendation and started buying myself candles. One at a time at first, but now I just collect them as I find inexpensive ones at Target or Goodwill. Now, I have a stash and I go through almost one a week. I burn one every night when my daughter has gone to bed and I’m chillin on the couch watching Netflix. Sometimes I burn one if I get up before the sun. I love fire. I love how soothing it is. I love how it makes my home smell so good. I love the soft light. It’s one of my favorite times of the day and in my home. The dishes and laundry can be piled up, but if the candle is burning, I’m good.

Your mission today is to add something pleasurable to your home. My idea of a pleasurable home involves soft lighting, good scents, being warm, feeling snuggly and allowing myself to relax (finally). I have some ideas on how to do that:

  • Buy a candle, of course

  • Burn some incense

  • Diffuse some essential oils

  • Buy some flowers

  • Create a reading nook you would actually like to sit in and use.

  • Set up a hammock (and use it)

  • Grab yourself the softest throw blanket ever

  • Buy yourself your favorite tea

  • Install a dimmer switch where the light is too harsh

  • Put a reading lamp in a reading corner

  • Buy yourself a new bed pillow and allow yourself a better night’s sleep

  • Wear a robe (Santa brought me this one and it is soft AF)

  • And on the opposite spectrum, I really enjoy a clean home. Like LOVE it. So, the last suggestion is to hire a cleaning lady, if even to come deep clean just ONE time. Or regularly. Whatever.

i think you get the idea. Go forth and find a pleasurable home!