FlippinWendy's Annual Staging Sale Extravaganza is TOMORROW!

If you didn't see it on the social medias, tomorrow is FLIPPINWENDY'S ANNUAL STAGING SALE EXTRAVAGANZA at my home in the Willo Historic District! Everything is for sale from beds to decor. 


Where: 506 W. Coronado Rd., Phoenix, AZ

When: 9am-1pm

What: EVERYTHING! Here's a short list.. beds, tables, chairs, shelves, trunks, patio furniture, rugs, art, decor.....some vintage....some new but never really used. Look at the photos from our Coronado project and you'll get a good idea of what will be available, although we will be bringing more from storage!

How: This is a cash and carry sale. Anything you purchase must be taken with you the day of the sale so bring your manpower!

Bring your friends!