DAY 25 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Closet Makeover

For most of us updating our closet is going through our clothes and cutting back. Once that is done, and many of you just couldn’t help yourself during the great purge of DAY 1, it’s time to organize and beautify.

If you came into my closet, you’d think that no one lives in my house. We have very few clothes. We maybe have 20 hangers and not all of them are used. We have two high-boy dressers in our closet and that is where we keep our clothes. My husband and I both work from home and pretty much live in athletic gear. We each have a few pairs of shoes and that’s it. The rest of our closet stores pillows, blankets and towels. This is what works for us. Purging is not necessary in our case. However, you have to walk through the closet to get to our bathroom, so I’d like to make it a little more beautiful. With very few clothes taking up the space, I have room to get creative. So, that’s what my makeover will look like.

For you, you may not be in my situation because you have more than 5 things to wear. So, your closet makeover might look like any of the following:

  • Adding a closet by installing some wardrobes or pantry style cabinets somewhere

  • Organizing a little (after your purge).

  • Hanging more shelves

  • Adding hooks for hats, scarves or jewelry

  • Creating shoe organization

  • Painting the walls or doors

  • If after your purge you have some empty space, you can move your dresser into your closet and free up floor space in your bedroom

  • Hanging some artwork

  • Changing out the light for something more fun, but only if it makes you happy. Don’t waste money because you think this is what you “should” do.

  • Putting in a closet organization system

  • Moving something out and put it somewhere where it makes more sense

This project is something I would tackle if I my closet was a disaster, if I loved my closet (or wanted to) or if I just needed a creative outlet. So, if you have bigger fish to fry, then skip this one. If your closet is creating such a cluster that life sucks (like what is happening in my coat closet), then put it at the top of your list. Sometimes these things have a trickling effect which needs to stop.

From Pinterest to Real Life: World's Largest Spice Rack

Ok so one of the best things about flipping houses and doing renovations for others is getting to put Pinterest projects into play. For real, yo. You think I come up with this stuff on my own? No. I wish. I research (aka Pin), take mental notes and then BAMMMM a project comes up that is in desperate need of Pinterest magic. Like this little gem....

Shoot. I just went to find the Pin to show you guys and got lost for 15 minutes pinning away other things. Ok. FOCUS>>>

That was it. That was the answer to all of our storage problems. See the linen closet in this bathroom before pic....

Right there ^^^ that tiny little door. That's what we had to work with. And, we didn't have much logical space to add storage in this renovation, so I opted to convert a tiny hard to reach space into what all normal people want. A giant spice rack. 

Behold the new storage space in all of it's reachable beauty!

Spice Rack Style Linen cabinet
Spice Rack style cabinet for Linens in a bathroom

My contractor, All Around Joe, built the rack into a wood case that then slid into the original linen closet space. This way nothing will fall back into any holes and be lost forever. He also put a backing on the right side of the cabinet so nothing goes tipping over and toppling out when opening and closing. This gives the homeowner a wall to lean things up against for stuffing, stacking and storing things. Even more importantly, this backing is where the glides are that help it slide in and out. There's quite a bit of weight on this thing with all of the wood, plus anything they put in there, so there needed to be lots of support and ease moving it in and out. 

This giant spice-linen cabinet even has a soft close feature. Ooh-la-la. Jury is out on how the homeowner likes it compared to the former narrow linen closet cave. I'll keep you posted. I don't care how cool it is if it doesn't increase efficiency or functionality. We don't just do things for the fun of it.


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