DAY 31 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Get Help!

Well here we are and we’ve hit every area in our home. We’ve tweaked, updated, decorated, painted, un-organized, cleaned, purged and fixed as much as we could on our own. If there’s still a problem, then it’s time for you to get out of your own way. Time to get some help.

Today your mission is to GET ADVICE. Not from your Dad. Not from your Mom. Not from your BFF. Some legit expert level help.

I myself went round and round on the design of my backyard. I could not “see” it. I felt like I should be able to figure it out given my experiences with fixing up homes. Truth is that landscaping and desert landscape in particular, are not my forte. So, I finally hired a landscape designer to come out and give us some advice. We had him draft a design that we could later follow at our own pace. Sometimes we are too close to the problem and have been in the home so long we just can’t “see” the solutions.

If you are having problems like this in your home, I’m here to help! A lot of this information has come directly from visiting homes like yours! I’ve done consults all over the US via phone (with photos and video) and all over the City of Phoenix. I’ve opened up my design consult schedule for February and I’m ready! Bring me into your home either over the phone or in-person in Phoenix. Click here to read more about consultations and here to see put yourself on my schedule!

I hope you had some fun doing this challenge and that your home is in a better place than when you started! Please share any updates and after photos with us by tagging #updatedontrenovatechallenge on Instagram!