DAY 23 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Filter It

How often are you changing your filters? The answer is NOT ENOUGH. “They” suggest once a month and I can tell you there’s not one person on this planet doing that. You have to change them or else your furnace/AC will lock up and then that shit breaks.

And if you, dear renter, think it’s not your responsibility, STAWP. When your furnace locks up because it can’t get any air flowing through that 2 year old clogged up filter, your landlord is going to be pissed. And then you’ll be pissed because your house will be way hot or way cold depending on the season. It’s a lose/lose situation.

To help you remember to change your HVAC filter, join Your Filter Club and get them delivered to you! You can set it to deliver monthly, every other month or quarterly. It’s not even expensive! You may be paying a few dollars more than buying them at the store, but the value is in REMEMBERING, but also not having to drive to the store. Let Mr./Ms. Delivery Person remind you it’s time when they hand your filter over every month or so. Get your first filter FREE with code Flippin Wendy.

While you’re at it, change out your fridge filter because clean water tastes fantastic.