Saturday Six: A Rant About They, A Challenge and Sharp Objects

ONE - what were they thinking

This has been bothering me for quite some time so here goes a little rant…. you know how you get your hands on a house (or just go into one) and think, “WTF were they thinking?” I can hear it in my head on repeat. You see an ugly kitchen or electric rigged a certain way, a cheap bathroom fix or an odd layout and say, “What were they thinking?” It’s like a mantra in the land of real estate. Well, I guess after a decade plus of hearing myself and other people constantly complain about things “they did”, I’m over it. When I hear those words now it is like nails on a chalkboard. Maybe I’m just sick of hearing complaining, which is ironic since I’m sitting here complaining to you about complaining. But, after being on Instagram for so long now and having a lot of content for people to pick apart, I’ve learned that most of the time, the things that people usually have a problem with is something they don’t even understand in the first place. There is always a reason behind why I did something and i realize now “they” probably did, too. I assure you they did something you don’t approve of because of a host of reasons. The top reasons I can think of are money, time, 18 other decisions made this one happen, “because I like it like that” and it was their home after all AND/OR “F it I don’t give an F anymore”. If you’ve renovated your home before you know there are 1.8 billion decisions, all of which affect each other…and your pocket book….and your sanity. And toward the end you just think please let this be over. And my guess is when it was “over” it wasn’t actually finished as intended. Was it? If you stay at The Shack, one of my Airbnbs, you will see a shade on a door that isn’t long enough to cover the entire window bc it was the last thing and I was at the - DAMN YOU SHADE! F YOU! I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE AND I HAVE TO MOVE ON - stage. I said it. It’s not perfect. I “should” fix it. I won’t. Bc F it.

Ok maybe I will some day when I simmer down.

TWO - faux fiddle

Now that that is out of the way. Here’s a fake tree I bought for The Shack to fill a naked corner. It has good reviews. Let’s see if I like it in person. I tried a real fiddle leaf in The Comfy Cactus and it ended up a mostly naked twig until I rescued it and brought it home. So, a fake one it is for now. Maybe. We’ll see.

Side note: fiddle leafs are not hard to care for despite what you’ve heard! I have one in my house where it can get some sun but not too much. Just right. When I have some water I’m going to throw out, like the rest of my glass of drinking water or half a water bottle, I just throw it in there. It’s grown about 2’ in two years. The one I rescued from The Comfy Cactus, same thing. I put it in my bathroom by a small window. When we are brushing our teeth, about once a week I fill up two glasses of water and pitch it in. It’s gone from twig with about 2 leaves on it to about 7 now! I honestly thought it was a goner.

THREE - mythical perfect schedules

Update on the Cincinnati condo I’ll be listing on Airbnb: sofas were being delivered on Wednesday but they called at 7am to deliver and no one could meet them. Womp womp. So, now they are rescheduled for Saturday. This pushes back cleaning and photos and obviously the listing timeline. Such is real estate stuffs. If anyone can figure out how to have anything involving homes go as planned and scheduled….please share with me this phenomenon. I’ll be your best friend.

Here’s the little devil we’re waiting on…

FOUR - all the good stuff

Pin of the week! This bathroom is like nothing I’ve seen.

Join me on Pinterest bc I pin weird, beautiful, awesome things. Because I want ALL the ideas. Naturally.

by Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry

by Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry

FIVE - knives that cut

I got these knives for the Cincy loft and they are SUPER inexpensive! Only $20! They are pretty good lookin. Plus they cut, so that’s good.

SIX - january announcment

I know this is early, but consider allowing some room in your January resolutions/new year new you schedule. I’ll be doing a 31 day challenge involving houses and making them feel and look good without gutting them. If you have done my challenges in the past, then you know I throw shit at you hardcore like. Obviously you are welcome to do as you please. But, I won’t be letting up on the info spewage. Be prepared. A friend told me I was an idiot for not charging for it. I just feel like free is good right now.

If you don’t want to miss the challenge and its daily….challenges, be sure you are subscribed!

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