DAY 27 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Doors

Many flippers will go in and do a mandatory replacement of all the doors in the house. I’ve never liked that. Not all old doors are bad! I’m always salvaging them. There’s nothing wrong with flat slab style doors in my opinion. Yeah they might be 70’s. They might be oak-y. They might have brass knobs. But, they can all be painted!

Throw on a modern knob or lever and BAM you have a modern look. In fact I kind of prefer it over 6 panel or any panel door for that matter. See the door in the master bath at my Rattan Ranch Airbnb below. It was once not so pretty before a coat of paint and a new lever. Now it’s modern AF.

Here are some ways you can update your doors to feel modern and fresh….and working:

  • Fix a door that swings wonky

  • Change the hardware on all the doors in a hallway or home.

  • Paint the inside of a door or a closet door to be an accent inside the room.

  • Seal a drafty door

  • Paint the doors and trim the same color as the wall to have it feel more cohesive and blend-y.

  • Throw some washi tape on a door for some fun

  • Rekey the exterior doors so they all match

  • Replace a knob that is dumb AF and won’t work right

  • Remove a door that is in the way and is unnecessary

  • Remove doors in a room where you want to incorporate the the closet, like to make it a place to have a desk or special storage

  • Replace wonky closet doors

  • Decorate or replace mirrored closet doors

  • Replace a door that would be much better with a window in it

  • Remove an unnecessary storm or security door

That should be enough for today. Have fun with that.

DAY 18 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Fix It Already

You know that thing that has been broken for ages? That stupid thing that is so annoying but oh well who cares. Those things that you finally take care of when you are about to sell a house and then think, “SHIT. Why didn’t I do this sooner? This is so much better.”

Do That Thing Today

I’m showing the photo of that door because I have this exact door at my house. The door at my house has had the the seal broken for about a year. It needs a sweep on the back to keep critters from crawling in. I have the damn thing sitting here ready to go, I just haven’t done it.

Here are some other things I imagine you may need to do, FINALLY once and for all.

  • An outlet, fan or light that has been broken.

  • Tighten that wobbly table leg.

  • Patch those holes in the wall.

  • Install that trim that is missing.

  • Fix that wobbly or broken tile.

  • Fix the loose spindle on your stair rail.

  • Your broken disposal.

  • The pillows that have holes in them you’ve been meaning to patch up (me).

  • Tighten your wobbly toilet.

  • Fix a broken cabinet door or drawer.

  • Fix a broken shelf.

  • Your broken doorbell.

  • Broken door or gate lock.

  • A switch that isn’t working

  • Towel hook or bar pulling out of the wall.

  • Broken couch cushion zippers

  • Curtain rods pulling out of the wall

  • Hiding your TV/cable cords

  • Get Your chimney swept

  • Broken fence

Ok I think that is enough. Now, don’t go replacing things. This is a REPAIR project. Call a plumber, electrician, carpenter, your Dad, your Uncle, your Mom, your Aunt…whoever to help. If you need help hiring a contractor, refer to this post which is an excerpt from Shut Up And Flip A House Already, the flipping ebook I co-authored with Brenna Brooks.

Ready go!