DAY 2 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: The Dishes Are Done Dude

The appliance that started this whole challenge….my dishwasher. When we bought our house it came with what seemed like a great dishwasher. It’s a GE Profile with stainless steel tub. In my experience, those are nicer, more expensive, quieter machines. So, imagine my surprise when I opened it up and it was pretty dirty inside. I mean for F’s SAKE! Shouldn’t that appliance be able to clean itself? That’s its job! To clean!

I was kinda grossed out by someone else’s dirt and yet decided just to ignore it. We needed to use the dishwasher so I just started using it thinking hmm maybe it just needs to go through a cycle or two. Then I thought that running some magic concoction of baking soda and vinegar through it would clean it right up. NOPE. I gave up. I know. I’m disgusting.

Two years go by and aside from scooping out some random bits of food on the bottom, I don’t do much to this annoyingly unclean cleaning machine. There was some visible goopiness that made me just want to throw the stupid thing away. I told a guy at an appliance store this and he looked at me like, “Well have you cleaned it?” I knew he was thinking it. I beat him to the punch, “No I haven’t cleaned it bc its disgusting and i don’t want to touch that shit. It should clean it’s own damn self!” As I was saying it I thought it might sound funny, but really it was just childish and embarrassing. I knew I had to stop being an idiot.

A few days later I noticed a glass had broken in the dishwasher so i grabbed out the broken piece. It was next to a gunky seal strip so I pulled that out and OH MY GOD how freaking FOUL AF. I gagged. I stopped and asked my husband to bring home gloves. I could not move forward. I mean I’m no delicate flower but this was gag-riffic.

An hour later I had my gloves on and got to business. First I pulled the racks out and put them outside to hose them down. Next, I pulled the tracks out, making sure to chase down every ball bearing that bounced away. The gliding tracks were caked on with what could only be the devil’s sludge.

At the bottom of the dishwasher I dug around a little bit in the back to see what other little gems were hiding out there. EVEN MORE DISGUSTING SLUDGE STRAIGHT FROM SATAN. I pulled the spinny thing out and GAG. I pulled out some basket and shit I don’t even know what these things do but I just kept fishing out anything that was removable and collecting sludge. Even the seals on the side of the dishwasher that keeps water from spewing out were sludge-y. Don’t worry I’ll spare you and only show one photo of a light gunking.

Outfitted with this magical steel scrubber, a handled scrub brush, a flat head screw driver, soap and water, I went to town on every piece. YOU GUYS > THIS WHOLE PROCESS TOOK ME THREE FRICKIN FRACKIN HOURS, hence the reason I had all the time in the world to think of this challenge.

Long story short, I got to as much as I could, closed it up with whatever parts it needed to operate and turned on a rinse cycle. Then again with vinegar. Then again bc it was leaking out of the right corner. Then again. And again. Finally, I got it to stop leaking, put the tracks and racks back and that is the story of how my shitty AF dishwasher became like brand new without spending more than $3 for gloves (I’m guessing. I wasn’t there for that part.)

Hallelujah for like brand new appliances!

Now, I asked my mom and my two sisters if theirs were gross thinking of course they were, THEY HAD NO IDEA! But no they were not. Just mine. I looked at my mother-in-law’s that night, it was not gross. Maybe I’m just a filthy human being. Either way, if this tale of dishwasher satan sludge can help you, then I am glad to be of service.

If not, then here are some other options:

  1. Been using your dishwasher as a drying rack? Then GYST and call a repair person to finally come out and fix that stupid thing. If you are unsure you want to spend the money on fixing an old one, then….

  2. Commit. Go get a new one.

  3. If new is too expensive, get a refurbished one from a reseller. They’ll still deliver and install and warranty for a short period of time. You can have a new to you dishwasher today!

  4. Get a scratch & dent model.

Is Your Dishwasher Fine Because You are Not Disgusting (Or You Don’t Have A Dishwasher)?

Ok I still want you to feel like you got to participate. This is for you….get yourself one or some of the following:

  1. New dish sponges.

  2. New scrub brush with a handle. This one is my favorite. I also like this one and have it at my new Airbnb. It has held up for quite a while and doesn’t look gross after much MUCH use. The bamboo handle feels good in your hand compared to the plastic nonsense. When possible, I try to opt for non-plastic.

  3. A drying pad for your counter. I got mine on Amazon as one does.

  4. A new drying rack or clean your drying rack and make it like new! I have this one at The Shack and I love it because it collapses and you can put it away. Anything you can get out of your face for a bit is best in my book. I have a drying pad below it.

Things That Help Make Life Better…

Hopefully everyone is a little happier with their dishwashing situation after today. After all, the sink and dishwasher can make or break happiness in the kitchen!