DAY 3 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Deal With THAT Pile

Admittedly, this is a little redundant after DAY 1. But, my guess is you still didn’t get to this thing. There is one thing that everyone has that is literally ruining a room and probably our mental well being…

It’s that freaking pile.

Many of you have already dealt with a big purge on DAY 1. But, I bet even the most ambitious of you left THAT pile. You know the one. I know this one sucks big time because THAT pile is there for a reason. IT SUCKS. IT’S THE WORST. But, once you get to it you’ll feel like your life is so organized and beautiful! Sad but true. If you think you have already finished this on DAY 1 or if you need some help determining what THAT pile means, consider these possibilities for today’s mission:

  • That pile of bills.

  • That pile of photos that will go in an album some day.

  • That pile of donations you put together on DAY 1 but never dropped off.

  • That pile of shoes. How many shoes do you actually need?

  • That pile of laundry. Your maid hasn’t shown up yet? Too bad.

  • That pile of BS to file. Because we go back and refer to those files so often. {eye roll}

  • That pile of library books you’ve been meaning to return.

  • That pile of magazines that date back to 2012.

  • That pile of kids trinkety things. (Kill me now)

  • That pile of borrowed stuff you keep meaning to return to people.

  • That pile you jam into a closet when people come over.

  • That pile of things to sew/fix/mend.

If you already did a pile and want to go back to DAY 1 and find a “thing” to get rid of, be my guest!

For me, I have all of those piles, but the one that comes to mind are those papers that I’ve dealt with, but haven’t filed away or destroyed. There are probably old bills in there from like 2016. I literally want to gouge my own eyes out thinking about it. But, I’ll do it. I’ll do it for you guys. And myself. And my family. This got real REAL fast.


Take that pile. Deal with it. If it means sorting through it, filing it, folding it and putting it away, then do it. If it means it has to leave your house to go somewhere else, then put it in your car. Bonus points for actually driving it to the end destination. At the very least, think about the day/time you will swing by said place to have it taken off your hands.