no BS Consults for design, renovation, Airbnb hosting and house flipping!

After 13 years of flipping, designing and now Airbnb’ing, I’ve sifted through a lot of fluff, excess and unnecessary BS… there is a ton of it out in real estate land. I prefer efficiency and trying to stick to a budget, all while creating a comfortable and beautiful (fun? quirky?) home. I share these insights, material choices, systems, floor plan ideas…..everything….through my consults!

the details

What: A one hour consultation

Cost: $250

Where: In-person OR over the phone

In-person consult locations:

July - San Diego area

August - Savannah/Hilton Head area and Phoenix

When: Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to set up a time

How (Over the Phone): You'll send your photos, videos and a sketch (if necessary). See more about the entire process here.

How (In-Person): Do nothing! I’ll just show up and we’ll get to chatting.

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Consult types

design + renovation

Does the following sound familiar???

  • You’ve been laying awake at night stressing about your upcoming renovation

  • 39 different tiles are swimming through your head and you just can’t decide

  • You’ve been Pinning for hours every day only to be more confused than ever

  • You and your significant other can’t get on the same page

  • Your house has a “quirk” you just can’t figure out how to fix

STOP THE MADNESS! Get back up.

We'll discuss (but not limited to): Design ideas, floor plan options, expected general costs, alternatives that will save money, material options and where to purchase, color schemes, things to avoid, better options, saner options, what not to rip out, what to save, what to reuse, what to trash. Consider bringing up any concerns you have about your renovation and design. Feelings matter and are often the reason for the consult in the first place.

After a consult, clients typically feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they have received, are relieved that they have a more focused direction and feel confident in how to proceed.

*A design/renovation consult is verbal and does not include formal physical design plans.


vacation rental

Discussing the ins and outs of designing your home to attract guests for the highest possible nightly rate, hosting how-to and communicating with guests and managing turn over between guests..

We'll discuss any of the following (but not limited to):

  • Concerns you have about renting your home out to strangers. Feelings matter!

  • Best hosting practices including communication with guests, your guidebook and setting expectations

  • How to set up your rental listing online (pricing, amenities, deposits, pets, check-in…)

  • How to market your home

  • How to set up your home for your guests to ensure a 5 star experience

  • The team you’ll need to ensure a smooth hosting experience

  • Turning over the property for the next guest (cleaning, supplies, costs…)

After a consultation you’ll have a more focused direction for your vacation rental vibe and know how to properly market it. You’ll feel confident in setting up systems that make hosting quite easy. I often hear, “Wow, I didn’t even think of that, but I’m so glad we discussed it!”

For newbie flippers or flippers who just want to tighten up their game a bit. This consult will go over all things flipping including any of the following but not limited to:

  • Financing: hard money lending and private lenders…how to use find it, use it

  • How to run an efficient job site that ends on time and finishes peacefully

  • Systems to put into place to make things easier on everyone

  • Marketing yourself and your home

  • Designing, staging

  • Concerns you have about getting into flipping, handling contractors, staying sane, handling the risk. Feelings matter!

After a consultation you’ll feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, but excited about putting it all into place and rocking your next project!

Flipping + REI

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Address Of The Home In Question
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