Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a design consultation?

Clients generally come to us because they want to feel more certain about their renovation. There are a lot of unknowns, especially if you don't have much practice renovating a home. Most common questions our clients have are: 

  • Is it possible to open up the space more and maybe remove that wall?
  • How hard is it to add can lights?
  • Is there an inexpensive way to ____? 
  • Can you tell me what colors to use?
  • Is there a way to get more storage?
  • Is it possible to have a _____ in the room?

With countless home renovations under our belt over the past 10 years, we've got lots of practice in putting together a cohesive design, maximizing a space and knowing what is or isn't a good idea. Mistakes are made when you don't have a good plan at the onset which can be very costly. After working with us, you'll have greater clarity and be amped up and ready to renovate! 

Where are you located?

We are currently located in Phoenix. If you are in the Phoenix area, home consultations available. We will sometimes pop up in other cities. Follow us on Instagram, @flippinwendy, for information on when we'll be in your city. Virtual design and consultation is also available. 

How does virtual design and consultation work?

Not in Phoenix? We've done plenty of remote design for people across the US. Most projects can be designed from afar. We'll ask for photos in order to become familiar with your space. Videos and quick third grade level sketches are also helpful. For consultations we'll ask for photos, videos and any sketches up front before we begin.   

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