Shut Up And Flip A House Already: A Guide To Help You Shit Or Get Off The Pot eBook


Shut Up And Flip A House Already: A Guide To Help You Shit Or Get Off The Pot eBook


We, Brenna Brooks and Wendy Doris, are always asked “How do you flip a house?” Since we can't meet with everyone who wants to pick our brains, we decided to try to put our 15 years of experiences into one place. The information in this ebook is what we would share with you if we met up for a cup of coffee to discuss how to flip houses. Ok maybe lots of coffee. There's a lot to cover! This book is meant for the people who love the idea of flipping, but want to see what it will really take. They've been talking about it for ages and should just shut up and do it already. With this book, not only will you know if you want to pursue this fun and exciting challenge, you'll also be ready to lock down your first home. In this book we cover:

  • How much money house flippers make

  • Eight ways to get money to buy homes

  • Fifteen ways to find good deals on houses

  • Thirty-six contacts you'll need to know to flip houses

  • Hiring a contractor

  • What to do to a home once you've got it

  • What to do if you're about to lose money on a home

  • Staging a flip

  • How we got started flipping houses

  • The perks and pains of flipping houses

  • Additional resources to help you get your flip business off the ground

We wrote this book as a way to not only teach those that are interested in the process, but as a way to be completely transparent about this gig. No smoke and mirrors here! We're not churning and burning 10 houses a month. That's not what we do, nor do we want that to be our business model. We're the people that spend time with each house making it a work of art. We'll tell you exactly how we do it and what to expect.

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As a Realtor of 30+ years and having flipped a few houses in the past, I thought this was a fantastic read. Not only is it a great resource for "flippers" but for any buyer who is taking on a remodeling project in their new home. Its very clear and easy to follow and just loaded with great information most people wouldn't even think of. The best part is the authors aren't trying to sell you their "system," they are simply educating folks who are thinking about taking on a project. Loved it and highly recommend!  - Dana W.

I just finished your book and it was really great! It's so much more personal then some other comparisons I've read. I wish I had it before we jumped into our first flip! It would have eased some extreme anxiety I had but it also would have helped us realize what we were getting into. We closed on a gutted house and the next week I found out I was pregnant! It took us 7 months to finish. I was tiling bathroom floors at 6 months pregnant! After a couple of offers falling threw we have finally are selling it after 5 months on the market and we will lose money unfortunately. But we are hungrier then ever and this book really put my head in some positive space which is something I needed recently. I'm absolutely glad to have purchased this book I learned some things as well as getting a little pat on the back for realizing I had learned some of these things all on my own. Girl bosses need to stick together! You guys are great!    - Jade O.

I'm a house flipper and a real estate agent and absolutely loved the book! It is packed full of so much great information. - Trina H.

I've been interested in real estate and flipping houses for as long as I can remember! I've done research, but honestly, it seemed impossible to find concrete information about what really goes into a flip. This book felt like getting to sit with a friend who's on the inside, telling you everything you need to know to take the plunge. My favorite part was the section on getting ways to finance flips. I learned so much and finally feel ready to get in the game. I can't recommend this enough!-Brittany Garcia, blogger @