design therapy: in Phoenix

72nd Hall Bathroom.JPG
72nd Hall Bathroom.JPG

design therapy: in Phoenix


This package includes 1 hour in-home redesign consultation and collaboration. Our 10+ years of design and renovation experience will bring clarity, confidence and design direction.

We'll discuss:

  • Floor plan options

  • Expected costs

  • Alternatives that will save money

  • Upgrades appropriate (or not appropriate if you want!) for your home

  • Material Options

  • Color schemes

  • Pitfalls to avoid

Clients typically find that after we chat, they have a more focused direction for their renovation. They feel more confident in how to proceed and have new ideas for the space that they had not considered. Often times they are relieved they now know what they can do in order to avoid complications, delays and sometimes disaster. 

*A consult is verbal and does not include formal, physical design plans. 

This design session is on location at your home. Photos and video ahead of time are nice but not necessary. We'll tour the areas you have concerns about and discuss design possibilities. In-home consultations are currently for the Phoenix Metro area only. Cincinnati and other cities will pop up occasionally. Announcements of new locations will be on Instagram as they come available. 

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