Hello! I’m FlippinWendy, aka Wendy Doris. I started out as a house flipper in Cincinnati, Ohio before moving her business to Phoenix to get a little more sun. Somewhere around year 6 of buying, fixing and selling homes I started posting to Instagram as a way to short form blog about my projects. Friends, family and perfect strangers began to take notice and started hiring me to attack their renovations. Soon FlippinWendy Design was born as a renovation obsessed biz specializing in floor plan revisions and designing a touch outside the norm.

After living in Phoenix for a few years, I became excited about designing, renovating and KEEPING my homes instead of selling them. These days, I’m an Airbnb hoarder. I want to keep all the houses and share them with travelers from around the world! I currently have 4 Phoenix Airbnbs and 1 in Cincinnati and always looking for more to share!

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