Saturday Six: Remember Your Flip, Girly AF, Elimination

Six random thoughts on a Saturday…

ONE - remember

Back in Phoenix! It was a whirlwind of chaos, design and shopping in Cincinnati this week! I literally cut most people and projects out of my life the entire week and just straight worked. Some of my friends and family didn’t even know I was in town. I feel bad about that but then again I seriously went non-stop and had very little room to breathe even! I don’t think I’ve ever been that focused. I even forgot about my own flip! Someone asked me about how it was going and I was like, “Ummmm, hmmm I don’t know!” Whoops.

TWO - missing

I got this light for the Cincy Airbnb, but it never was really seen since it will be going in the sofa area and the sofas have been MIA. It’s really cute and not a bad price for a floor lamp!

THREE - inappropriate

Sometimes I want to have my own podcast so I can ask people questions that are not normal for every day conversation. Is that weird?

FOUR - pinned

I really am stuck now in this contemporary vibe. Never loved it before working on the Cincy loft. Now I want to Art Deco everything. I’m sure my Comfy Cactus Airbnb will receive the deco treatment bc it tends to take on my design whims for some reason.

Side note: I’d also like to do a girly AF Airbnb. Like with pink marble or granite counters. So there’s that.

FIVE - mine

Dudes. World Market is having a 40% furniture deal! It ends Sunday 11/25! I’ve been eyeing this chair in particular. Might be time to pull the trigger!

SIX - eliminate

I often think, “What can I get rid of?” I mean I do like a good purge, but also when designing. I get sick of the routine of the same things over and over. I mean I like lighting. Like, a lot. But, sometimes when I feel like I’m in a sort of rut, I just get rid of something and change it up. Like pendant lights. It was ingrained in me that one must have pendant lights over an island or peninsula. But, sometimes the idea of something hanging in front of all of the other fun, beautiful things I had planned was not sitting well. So, I just got rid of them. At first it felt naughty and wrong but now it’s like BYE. I like it. I feel so rebellious. I’M SUCH A REBEL WITH MY NO PENDANT LIGHT KITCHENS! :)

What you might have missed this week…

  1. November book club was announced! See all book club months here.

  2. The Comfy Cactus Phoenix/Arcadia Airbnb has last minute availability Nov 12-16, then nothing else until the weekend before Christmas and the beginning of January.

  3. The Shack Phoenix/Biltmore Airbnb has last minute availability Nov 12-14 and Nov 18-22, then nothing else until December 13-20. We also have New Year’s open!

  4. Look for the Cincinnati Airbnb listing to go live in the next week to 10 days!

November Design Book Club: At Home in Joshua Tree

I know I’m late on this but as many of you already know, I spent a good portion of the beginning of this month in Cincinnati getting an Airbnb ready! If you didn’t know, it’s because you weren’t checking my stories I guess. :) Anyway, this month’s book is appropriate (for me) because I’ve been hanging in the Midwest in Airbnb mode, but currently writing this on my way back to the desert. I’ve got to get back into desert mode!

I can’t wait to dive into learning more about the Airbnb and desert vibes at The Joshua Tree House! Check out this month’s book club choice!

At Home in Joshua Tree: A Field Guide to Desert Living Hardcover, by Sara and Rich Combs was just released which makes me super excited to grab up something that hasn’t been floating around for a while. This book dives into desert living, the design of their famous Airbnb and even includes some recipes! Who doesn’t need more salsa in their life, honestly?

Let me know what you think of this book below.

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Saturday Six: Aussies Are Killing It, Airbnb Lust and Crooked Rugs are Right

Six random Saturday thoughts…

ONE - The Slope

My new flip is chugging along in WEEK 1 of hopefully a 5-6 week process. This one is called The Slope Project aka #theslopeproject for future reference. I haven’t spoken too much about the design for this house so how about a little sneak. I’m feeling very Aussie Byron Bay-esc for The Slope so that means lots of white, some beach-y hues like greens and pinks (also desert-y!). Check out this kitchen featured in Home Beautiful Magazine that I am using as inspiration.

TWO - You say farmhouse, I say art deco

I’ve been shopping away for this new flip and found Stone & Beam on Amazon. They have some pretty cute stuff including furniture, bedding and lighting! It could work in the farmhouse style setting of course, but also art deco…..which I may or not be on the hunt for for a secret project. Nothing to see here….moving right along…

THREE - Tis The Season

I was listening to my girl, Jill Peteresen on a Shrugged Collective Podcast the other day. She is amazing in so many ways, but one thing she had to say was specifically impactful for me. She was asked what advice she would give to women who want to be Moms but feel like they need to put it off to achieve career goals. She said she would advise women to think of goals for different SEASONS of their life. She talked about it some more but what I got out of it was that you don’t have to have one goal you pursue for 5 years. Pick the best goal, AND ONLY ONE GOAL AT A TIME (earth to Wendy), for the season you are in. If you have just had a baby you are obviously going to be in a different season of life than someone who is not a mother yet or is a mother to a 5 year old. The seasons area always changing and you don’t have to lock yourself down to anything for a long period of time. Your goals will absolutely morph depending on what point of motherhood you are in. Preach, SISTER! I am always trying to jam 5 business goals into my life while also trying to mom. Time to cut back again.

Learn more about Jill Peterson of Hermonia here.

FOUR - Jute everywhere

In my opinion, every house should have a jute rug. A big one. Then throw your pretty smallish one on top. Maybe even make that smallish one….CROOKED. DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN.

I’m right. Don’t fight me on this. This one is great and the 8x10 is under $200 like a total boss.

FIVE - Living!!!

I thoroughly dislike the phrase “I’M DEAD.” or “DEAATHHHH!!!” when they see a design that is amazing. I feel like “LIFE!” or “I’M ALLLIIIIVVVEEEE” (a la Ace Ventura) makes more sense. Speaking of…this shower is LIIIIIFFEEEE.

 Credit unknown, sadly. Found it on Pinterest.  Follow me on Pinterest

Credit unknown, sadly. Found it on Pinterest. Follow me on Pinterest

SIX - Airbnb lust

I’m about to go stay at an AIRBNB I’ve been lusting after for AGES. It’s like Christmas! When my ASU Gymnastics teammates expressed interest in taking a girls’ trip, I was all over it. I bank my favorite AIRBNBS in my mind (and my in my favorites on the site) and am ready to spring them into action when the moment strikes! I can’t wait to share my trip!

Speaking of sharing, comment below with a vacation home you’re waiting for the perfect opportunity to visit!

October Design Book Club: Salvage Secrets

It’s October! That means it’s time for this month’s Design Book Club choice.

This month, I want to dive into salvage. Repurposing salvage that is. New houses are nice, but houses that incorporate some new and old together feel more “right” to me. If you too want to blend some old with the new, let’s jump into this month’s book:

Salvage Secrets Design & Decor: Transform Your Home With Reclaimed Materials by Joanne Palmisano.

If you have been joining in each month for the FW Design Book Club, feel free to go leave a comment or review of the books! If you’re just joining us, jump on in! Click below to see our past month book choices.

September Design Book Club: Happier At Home

How's it going guys!? I hope your Labor Day (or regular day outside the US) is going well! It's September and therefore time to get into a new home design book! I'm trying to time our monthly books with whatever is going on in a majority of our lives.  Many of us are heading into fall. School is starting, summer is over, etc. It means more time indoors in our homes. Keep this in mind as I babble about my state of affairs....

Lately, I've been binge shopping for The Shack and scouring everything I own to fill up that house. It has made me feel overwhelmed with all the stuff and I feel the urge to purge. While I was filling up The Shack, I listened to The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store. It put me back to reality. Back to me. I'm not a hoarder, yet I've become one since we moved to Phoenix 2 years ago. I've been buying and buying for these houses. I store the stuff. I hold it and wait. But, it's time to focus on my own home and clearing out all of the stuff. I've done a bit of it but it needs even more focus now that The Shack project is over.

I need to back off on the buying. I want a nice home. I want an uncluttered home. But, i want a happy home that feels like me. Not like some other designer's home and not like one on a TV show. I feel this has come up a lot as of late in posts I've seen on Instagram, on blogs and in podcasts. Beautiful, bold, luxurious and perfect homes abound on the web. But, what about reality and our own homes. How can we be happy with our own? How can we figure out our own style instead of just trying to replicate someone else? How can we be us, and still like it? LOL.

But, seriously.

Enter this month's book, Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon Self-Control, and My Other Experiments in Everyday Life, by Gretchen Rubin. 

I feel like Gretchen's book will highlight exactly what I'm looking for.


Not another blogger. Not another designer. ME. What makes me happy? And with all this time we'll be spending closer to home in the coming months, what better way to prepare? Also, it appears that Gretchen dedicated a school year, starting in September, "to making her home a place of greater simplicity, comfort, and love." Looks like we've hit perfect timing here. Time to jump in. Join me in reading this book and finding happiness in your own home! When you've finished, feel free to review the book below. Happy reading! 

If you missed the last couple of months (or if you want to give your review for past books), head to the Design Book Club page and catch up! I'll update this page every month so you can join in whenever you like!