DAY 18 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Fix It Already

You know that thing that has been broken for ages? That stupid thing that is so annoying but oh well who cares. Those things that you finally take care of when you are about to sell a house and then think, “SHIT. Why didn’t I do this sooner? This is so much better.”

Do That Thing Today

I’m showing the photo of that door because I have this exact door at my house. The door at my house has had the the seal broken for about a year. It needs a sweep on the back to keep critters from crawling in. I have the damn thing sitting here ready to go, I just haven’t done it.

Here are some other things I imagine you may need to do, FINALLY once and for all.

  • An outlet, fan or light that has been broken.

  • Tighten that wobbly table leg.

  • Patch those holes in the wall.

  • Install that trim that is missing.

  • Fix that wobbly or broken tile.

  • Fix the loose spindle on your stair rail.

  • Your broken disposal.

  • The pillows that have holes in them you’ve been meaning to patch up (me).

  • Tighten your wobbly toilet.

  • Fix a broken cabinet door or drawer.

  • Fix a broken shelf.

  • Your broken doorbell.

  • Broken door or gate lock.

  • A switch that isn’t working

  • Towel hook or bar pulling out of the wall.

  • Broken couch cushion zippers

  • Curtain rods pulling out of the wall

  • Hiding your TV/cable cords

  • Get Your chimney swept

  • Broken fence

Ok I think that is enough. Now, don’t go replacing things. This is a REPAIR project. Call a plumber, electrician, carpenter, your Dad, your Uncle, your Mom, your Aunt…whoever to help. If you need help hiring a contractor, refer to this post which is an excerpt from Shut Up And Flip A House Already, the flipping ebook I co-authored with Brenna Brooks.

Ready go!

DAY 14 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Faucets

Wanna make life better? Fix a faucet. There are a ton of options on how to accomplish faucet new-ness and doesn’t always require a repairman or a plumber. Let’s dig into it….

ONE: Paint

If you read DAY 12’s post about painting, you’ll have seen the section where I recommended painting a faucet. In my MIL’s hall bath, shown above, we were going to leave the shower faucet ORB even though we were going matte black on the other fixtures. It was going to be hidden behind the shower curtain so we weren’t too concerned. Then, I got a wild hair and thought, hmmm, let’s paint that little mofo. I had painted the light fixture, why not that? I got her permission to experiment and if it ended up looking like crap after usage, we’d just replace it. The paint was a good inexpensive first step. We left the shower head, the tub faucet and the valve cover on. We papered and taped around the tub and shower to make sure no overspray would get onto the tile or ceiling. It worked! After about a year of usage, the paint is still holding up STRONG. Here is the paint we used.

See the post I did about this bathroom here.

TWO: Clean

Something else you can do to make your faucets like new is to clean them out. Calcium build up can really put a damper on water pressure. You can secure a bag of vinegar around it and let it soak for a few hours, then run some water to get the vinegar out. The water should flow more freely.

Another non-faucet related, but kind of related cleaning you can do came to me as a suggestion from Brenna Brooks of Brenlow Properties. She said she was having water pressure problems, so she had a plumber come by to see what was up. Turns out she had a ton of calcium build up in her old copper pipes. The plumber used some solution to rid it of all the build up and WA-LA, water pressure restored! So, it’s like a whole new faucet without getting a new faucet.

THREE: Repair or Replace

Call a plumber out to fix a leaky valve or replace the faucet all together. Who are we kidding, we really do just want a new faucet. Go for it. You can even replace a shower head all on your own. Just buy the shower head and some plumber’s tape. Wrap the tape around the direction of how the shower head will move around the threads. Easy.

If you want to replace a whole faucet altogether, here are some of my favorite faucets that range drastically in price depending on my project.

If you find one on Amazon, don’t forget to search in Amazon Warehouse Deals! If you don’t know what that is, just click on that link and search for the faucet or any other item! These are items that people returned for whatever reason. Some are damaged but most I find are like new or are new, open boxed items. They will tell you in the description.

Another way to get to it is to search on the Amazon home page and just choose Amazon Warehouse in the drop down box to the left. Practice by clicking on the photo.


When you have done a general search for something and the item has come up, scroll down below the price, add to cart button, etc and choose the “Used & new from…” link. That will take you to all of the used items and returns. You can choose to buy a used one from another vendor or from Amazon Warehouse. Click on the photo below to see where that circle link takes you.

Ok let’s get going on the faucet updates!

If you have any success with your faucets, whether paint, repair or a new purchase, show me! Use the #updatedon’trenovatechallenge tag!