spray paint

DAY 12 Update, Don't Renovate Challenge: Paint Something

You know this one was coming. Today throw some paint on something.

This isn’t rocket science. Find something, paint it. Perhaps that thing you’ve been meaning to paint for a long long time. Here are some ideas

  1. A piece of furniture

  2. A door

  3. An entire room

  4. Your kitchen cabinets (google how to do this or ask someone at your local paint store. The cabinets and wall above were painted with a wipeable matte paint from Home Depot)

  5. An accent wall

  6. An appliance

  7. A railing

  8. Spray paint a light or plumbing fixture (see ones that I spray painted in this post)

  9. Patio furniture

  10. Your floors

  11. Some Shutters

  12. Door handles

  13. Cabinet Hardware

There are so many things to paint. In the link above I even painted a shower curtain rod. If you are hesitant because you don’t want to sand something, then try chalk paint which literally needs zero prep, just slap that shit on. I use this one pretty often.

If you are hesitant because what if you mess up or you are afraid of the outcome, then your job is to first go spend some time on Pinterest looking for examples. But, it’s just paint. It can be painted again.

Show me what you painted!